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Well today marks the “official” end of the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution for me!  I still can’t believe how fast these last 3 months have gone.   Summer always goes fast, though.  My girls will be back to school in about a week! :(  My oldest keeps telling me that we really should have at least 4-5 months of summer.  I agree! ;-)

This weekend we did try to enjoy the last bits of summer.  We spent some time at a state park and did about 3 miles worth of hiking and some time at the beach of Lake Michigan.  I love this park. Its beautiful and has lots to keep you busy.  It also has a campground so we spent some time walking around making note of which sites we liked.  We’re hoping to get a weekend booked there for next summer.

While walking along the hiking trail, we came upon a leaning tree.  It didn’t hit me until shortly after we passed that Dave and I had our picture taken on that very tree almost 13 years ago!  It was our first camping trip after moving back to WI from San Diego.  Such good memories!  Here is a now & then comparison.  Note that part of the tree has since fallen over on itself.

So last night as I was thinking about today and thinking about what I wanted to do now that I finished Body Revolution.  I had been too busy last week to make a new workout plan.  So I decided to pull out my 30 Day Shred dvd today.  I haven’t used that dvd in a couple years probably.  But I knew it was a good workout.  I think I’ve only really done it a few times and those were on level 1 back when I wasn’t in super shape.  So I decided to do level 1 today for kicks.  It was a bit easy so I’ll be doing level 2 next time just to see what’s in it.  I have a feeling level 3 is more where I’m at after finishing BR.

I’m amazed at the progress I’ve made in the last 3 months!  I feel stronger than ever.  Pushups are getting easier [I still do them on my knees to take it easy on my shoulder, but I’m hoping someday my shoulder will be strong enough to do the real deal!].  I feel like things are starting to get sculpted.  And while I still have work to do, I’m so happy with where I’m at!

So where am I at?  Here are my final stats for 3 months of Body Revolution:

Total Weight Loss:  13.2 lbs

Total Inches Lost:  22″ !!!

My biggest inch losses were in my abdomen (3.25″ !!!), my hips (3″ !!) and my thighs (2.25″ !).  I’m so glad I took the time to do measurements beforehand.  I really encourage people to do this.  Sometimes the scale doesn’t move a ton, but the inches are still flying off.  So if you are looking to start a workout/weight loss program, take some time and do some pre-measuring!  Also, take a before pic.  I knew I was getting smaller and I could see it, but it wasn’t until I took my “after” pic today and compared them side by side that I really saw the changes.

I will be honest, I debated and debated about putting my before/after pics on here.    Why?  Because I’m a normal person who is of course self conscious about my body! LOL  But after thinking about it, I decided to share them…because if by sharing them, I can encourage even one person to take action to make their bodies healthier, then its worth it.  I won’t lie – the past 3 months I have worked at this, exercising 5-6 days/week [only 30 min though/day! :)  ], I had to count calories [but I was never hungry!].  But you can see the results!

And you can see the results of summer time sun LOL :) I will miss my lightly tanned skin come winter!

Thanks for following me on my journey – I hope you keep visiting as I continue on with my health goals.  Today I will be calling to make my appointment for my new cholesterol test.  Wish me luck! :)