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Oh Vacation!

Happy Monday!

So last Wed we set out on a mini trip to visit some relatives a day’s drive away.  It was a great trip!  We don’t get down that way nearly enough, so it was fun to see everyone and spend time with them.  My girls were thrilled to drive through downtown Chicago.

On our trip, of course, we had lots of family time…which means lots of food time!  Dave and I worked to make good choices overall, but I was presented with my nemesis… the fresh cheese curd. ;-)  And they were particularly inviting since I have been doing no dairy for over a month now to clear up an acne issue.  Its working but its H-A-R-D.  I decided to indulge since cheese is the main dairy thing I miss BIG time.  I swear I’ve been thinking about cheese daily since giving it up.  Besides cheese there was also that trip to the ice cream place [yeah..MORE dairy!], and the fantastic biscuits with sausage gravy that my aunt fixed.   Mmmmm…  And in the effort to bring full disclosure, we finished off our trip with a trip to a balloon fest where I enjoyed a funnel cake. ;-)

Yeah…I really did that…  I don’t know if Jillian would approve, but I sure did!  Those things are rare treats for me!  And it was fantastic!  So was the balloon fest.  We were surrounded by lots of hot air balloons filling up and taking off.  It was awesome.  The kids loved it!

And that night there was a balloon glow when the balloons came back and lit up after dark [followed by fireworks!].  Such a fun time.

But now we’re back home, and back to “real life”…. which means back to workouts and food as usual!  My body is happy. :)  If you haven’t already guessed by my eating, this week’s weigh in was not as great as the rest. :D  It was just a perfect storm of bad between eating too much, not drinking enough water = more calories in + retaining water.   So for the first time since starting this program in late May, I actually gained [ 2 lbs ].

Though this doesn’t concern me since I’m below what I ever though I would attain…and I know I’ll probably lose again once I do workouts again and get back to my normal, lighter way of eating. :)

I started my official “Week 12” today and it felt great to workout again after not getting a good one in since last Tue!  So here’s to my last week!

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