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Another Tuesday

Welcome, October!  You are beautiful!


So I feel like I’ve had a great start to my Unprocessed October.  I haven’t taken the time to weed anything out of the cupboards but I’ve been reevaluating the foods I eat during the day.  So far I’ve been happy to see that the things I chose were good ones anyway!

Last night I made this amazing beef stroganoff that I purchased as part of a meal plan from Deliciously Organic.  I just adore Carrie’s site.  She has loads of fantastic recipes [for free] plus lots of meal plan options.  She also has an amazing cookbook [which I also own!].  Last weekend we made some delicious cupcakes out of the cook book and we were all in love. :)

So today I have more wheat bread baking and I have been gazing at the beautiful colors appearing outside…

Our very big maple in the front yard!


…and I’ve been contemplating a new “season”.  Both in fall and in fitness.  My original plan after doing Body Revolution this summer was to join back in with the personal trainer students at the university and have them keep whipping me into shape.  But as I mentioned last time, we ended up signing up at the Y.  So I’m doing that instead….which means no personal trainers…and no schedule.

If there’s something I know about myself, its that I need structure and a plan when it comes to exercise.  That’s not to say that I can’t be flexible and switch things around, or blow off a day [oh believe me, I’m the pro ;-) ].  But when I have no basic plan I tend to really slack off.  And its not until I look back at how little I ran, or really count how many strength training sessions I got in that I realize how bad I did.

So I sat down and made up a new running/fitness “plan” of sorts.  I adore running training schedules.  I don’t know why…most of the time I never finish them. ;-)   But this time I went with a Beginner’s Half Marathon Training Program from [pdf’s of the plan are downloadable on that site].  And let me clarify ~ at this time I have NO intentions of running a half marathon!  But I liked the program so I figured I’d kind of go with it and see how far I could end up running.  I liked the layout and how they managed the runs.

I was also searching my files for some different strength workouts.  I have quite the collection of magazine workouts from Shape and Runner’s World that I have kept for the “future”.  Some may never see the light of day, but I did pull out one I clipped recently that I found intriguing.  Partly because it can be done outside [on the trail] if you wish, or like I did, inside with weights.  This workout was in Runner’s World and called The Total Body Trail Workout.  I did that one yesterday and I liked it.  Very challenging!  And because it was a cross training day, I did my elliptical instead of running.

So I’m planning to throw things like that in on days I don’t get to a Y class [for a total of 3 cross train days], plus running 3x/week.  We’ll see how it goes.  For now I have 3 weeks spelled out with semi-vague cross training days and more specific running days based on that plan.  Hopefully this will all keep me motivated!

So when you exercise, do you just wing it?  Or lay out a schedule of sorts?


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