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First of all, Happy New Year!  I know its been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  My sister has been occasionally saying “I haven’t seen a blog post from you in awhile…”  So here it is!

Overall I’ve been cranking away and exercise and eating well, with some exception. ;-)  I was inspired to keep on track by our local YMCA’s program “Dashing all the Weigh”.  Through the program I weighed in during early Dec and then Jan 3rd I weighed out.  The goal was to maintain or lose during the holidays.  Certainly a challenge for most!

I started off Dec strong with exercise and eating and of course winter and Christmas caught up with me eventually:  sick kids, sick me, parties, family celebrations, FOOD!!

Let me tell you, if there’s ever a way to know you are on the right path with your eating, its to STOP eating so healthy and indulge too much [too much food, too much refined sugar, etc].  By the end of Dec I felt bloated. :)  So the day after Christmas I got back on my healthy food and started drinking water like it was going out of style.  Ahhhh…much better. :)

I weighed in a bit hesitantly on Thursday [I was certain I was going to be up a few pounds] only to find that the scale showed .4 lbs [yes POINT 4] up.  Wheeee! :)  I’m proud of this accomplishment.  Nov and Dec have always been bad for me in weight management.  I’ve often found myself in January up 5 lbs.  So dissappointing!  I am thrilled to be starting the new year the same as I was before.

Though I must say, 3 weeks without workouts is a BAD idea!  I told a friend in class on Wed [my first workout after all that time off] that I will never, ever take 3 weeks off again…EVER.  I felt so tired again and I could tell I wasn’t as strong.  I know since I was working out so much that I will recover fast, but I plan to not take a break like that again.  Of course I’m now sore, too, after 2 days of workouts.  Back at it! :)

So onto those pesky “New Years Resolutions”….

… scrap that … I still like the word GOALS.  But everyone calls them resolutions.  I decided to look back at the ones I made last year to see what I did accomplish.  Here are last year’s:

  • Running 5 miles
  • Running a 10K Race
  • Doing 25 pushups in a row…and then more after that :)  Done!  they are knee pushups, but my shoulder is still building up strength for “real” ones ;-)
  • Designing custom knitting patterns for American Girl dolls
  • Finishing my UFO [Un Finished Object] knitting projects   Half done ;-)  I finished up one long standing project, one more to go!
  • Complete decluttering and organization of my house  Also half done – I made good progress in a few rooms.
  • Up to date digital scrapbooks for kids & family [I’m about 4-5 years behind!!  Yikes! :)  ]
  • Green Up our home – converting all cleaners to green cleaners  I have this 99% converted – yay for no chemicals!
  • Create more real food recipes for basic things we eat [=buying less pre-made/processed] Lots of new ones this year!  But this will be an never ending goal I think :)  I love baking and cooking!

So not too bad overall, I really didn’t push hard with my running stuff overall this year.  Though here’s what I DID accomplish that wasn’t on my list:

  • Decreasing my running pace from 10:30/11 min miles down to 9/9:30 min miles [so excited about this]
  • As a result of that, I got a new PR, under 30 min in a 5K!
  • Lost 13 lbs and toned up good this summer with Body Revolution!
  • Consistently worked out from June-early Dec [which is definitely a new record in consistency for me!]

Not too bad of a year! :)  But its time to set goals for this year… so here’s my plan:

2013 Goals

  • Run 5 miles [this has to be one of my main goals of the year, I really want to accomplish this!]
  • Train for a 10K
  • Finish my knitted leaf scarf I’ve been working on for 4 years ;-)
  • Start those darn digital scrapbooks!  I really want to do them, my goal is going to be doing at least 3 yrs of each kids life this year.
  • Finish my decluttering and organizing around the house.
  • Get back into working out at least 5 days/week

So there’s my list – what’s on yours?  I know some of mine are broad goals and I have broken them down more here on paper but I won’t bore you with all the details right now. :)   Now let’s start 2013 STRONG!


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