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Moving Day!

I’ve moved!  Come check me out at my new blog… I started my Eat, Run, Grow blog over a year ago and spent [too many] hours trying to think up the name and the vision for the blog. I chose the name, but honestly was never in love with it. So when I decided […]

Summer time!

First I have to say ~ YAY for Summer Vacation!!! My girls finished up school last Thursday. We are all so glad. We were all done with getting up early, packing lunches and homework! And while they are both doing summer school during the mornings for a few weeks, it is only fun classes [playing […]

National Running Day!

So today in honor of National Running Day, I decided to skip my cardio dvd and head out into the perfect 60 degree running weather and hit the road!  With doing these workouts I haven’t run as much as I would have.  But I do enjoy throwing the running in there when I can to […]


Yeah long time no blog.  Its been busy…and I’ve been ? uninspired ?  Hard to say.  February often turns into a blah month for me.  It’s generally cold and on top of that its my oldest child’s birthday month which means parties and all that.  Fun stuff, but time consuming. :) Anyway, March is here […]

Looking Towards A New Year

Every year this happens…I get the itch.  I don’t know if it’s a result of the madness that December always is leading up to Christmas or just the fact that January 1 seems like such a great time for a new beginning, but I get the itch to change and the energy do things. I’m […]

The Growing Garden

When we moved into our home in the spring of 2005, one of the first things we did outside was till up a garden.  Our previous home had a TINY backyard that was mostly shaded so I never had the chance to really garden there. Now that we are living on just under 2 acres […]

Welcome to Eat, Run, Grow!

I wanted to welcome you all to my new blog:  Eat, Run, Grow.   This blog is something I’ve been contemplating for awhile now.  I have been going through a journey of revamping our eating habits as well as getting into running (again) and finding ways to make our home more efficient, cleaner, greener, and organized. […]