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Tag: health

The results are in!

I’ve been a bit absent ~ I apologize! The past 2 weeks have been busy.  One week I was spending lots of time with the kids during their last week of summer break, and this past week was their first week back!  I imagined that I would have loads of “free” time…and with the girls […]

I made it!

Well today marks the “official” end of the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution for me!  I still can’t believe how fast these last 3 months have gone.   Summer always goes fast, though.  My girls will be back to school in about a week! :(  My oldest keeps telling me that we really should have at least […]

The Pile of Shame (and cardio review!)

I have this pile… …I named it the “Pile of Shame” ;-) What is it?  Its a pile of pants/shorts from the last year or so that have somehow “shrunk”. [They did shrink, right?  I blame the dryer. ;-) ]  Some could barely fit on me, and were pretty uncomfortable if I got them on.  […]

One week down!

Yay!  I completed week 1!  And overall I feel pretty good about how I did.  Here are the results: -4.6  pounds! & -3.75  inches! I’m pretty pleased with those numbers!  So now my review of week 1… In Week 1 of Body Revolution you have the option of doing the Kickstart.  This pretty much amounts […]

Starting a Revolution

…and I think its going to be a painful revolution at times. ;-) So I’m a sucker for a challenging workout.  I admit it ~ I like things that can push me further and make me achieve things I never thought possible.  Last year I did the Insanity workout and let me tell you, the […]